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About Dafné

Born on the sunny side of Monte-Carlo, just returned from living in Japan and thrilled to discover the working world, her brand was born from hand-made costume jewellery.

In 2021, she decided to start working on a more high-end collection : diamonds and sapphires set in anodised titanium is the recipe to Dafné's creations today.

Inspired by her mother's creations, and the colours of the riviera, at only 22 years old, Dafné releases her very first jewellery collection.

Based on her research on lithotherapy, she combines precious stones with vibrant colors of titanium, to create a good vibes 'semainier' to wear 24/7.

7 vivid bracelets, each set with 24 precious stones: to energize your weeks.

This collection brings a touch of freshness and youth to the industry.

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